Manifesting Lemurians

I have been talking more and more about manifestation, because until recently, I did not really pay attention to the idea. The idea of asking for something and you will get it, is like well, duh.  If you don't ask, it wont happen. But manifesting is just a little deeper then that. I tell my five year old all the time if you want something you need to be the one to ask for it.  I cannot ask for you, sometimes I cave if she is being exceptionally shy but she's 5 so she has time to build that confidence. For her right now it is really basic, a sticker at the grocery store, a toy a friend has, a snack at a friends house.  

Manifesting isn't just about asking for something, it is about having the confidence to stand up and say I want/need this, and then having the knowledge that you deserve whatever it is. The knowledge that You are worthy. 

I am writing the blog post to talk about how I have been looking high and low for lemurians, refer to my blog post "crystals running miles" for the back story on that.  After asking many people where to find them, I found some small ones from England.  I was underwhelmed to say the least and for the cost, with shipping was disappointed. So I head back to my local rock shop once again and continue to talk about them, but nothing for weeks. This past Tuesday I went in to get some more crystals for a custom piece and random jewelry. As I was checking out, there on the counter  was an amazing quartz crystal that I suspected to be Lemurian.. The counter is where I do last minute impulse shopping as it is always covered with random things.  Immediately I ask Jim what it was and he said Lemurian and that he had more. He had a whole box that he just happened to come upon. They were amazing. I couldn't stop holding them and looking at them. Most had record keepers and were self healed, and large! Large means expensive, So I had some decisions to make.  I ended up leaving most of my Jewelry haul for two amazing Lemurians. And he was kind enough to put an even more expensive one away as well as my jewelry pieces for me to pick up in a week or two when I have more cash.  That one, is for my private collection!  When you see them you need to buy them.  That is the rule. I was also lucky enough that I had sold a decent amount at my food truck festival the previous weekend and could afford what I got. 

As I am standing there pouring over these amazing pieces I couldn't help but remember how intensely I was looking for these, and then they just show up when I had somewhat put it behind me, as I already did have two small ones.  I was manifesting again and didn't even realize it.  Next on my list is a nice piece of spirit quartz. Now to realize why I am supposed to have these beautiful pieces.  I suppose someday they will tell me. 

in conclusion, you are worthy of everything you need AND want.  Sometimes you need to work hard for the means to accomplish your dreams but they are there for you to grab, you just need to grab them! 

Maybe I will develop a manifesting class, I would love to steer people in the right direction to accomplish whatever it is they dream. Sometimes we all need a little guidance. There is often a great deal of healing that needs to occur prior to accomplishing these things.

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