Round Robin

You know that moment when everything clicks.  Not just a light bulb turns on but alarms sound, strobes flash and you feel like having a dance party! Well I had that moment while I was developing my first online class (links to sign up below). This was all made possible by an old field guide, Minerals of the world by Charles Sorrell from 1973, that my Father and Stepmother gave to me. This is a very geologically based book so I graciously received it from them and placed it on my shelf expecting to never crack it open. While developing my first class I wanted to include some geological facts about each crystal, its elements, where it is found, how it is formed etc. So I figured I would crack the book to see if I could even make sense of it. It gave me some really great information on each crystal I was researching like, elements, locations and formations.  perfect I thought, this book has actually really come in handy.  little did I know it would facilitate a breakthrough. 

As I continued on with developing the material for my class I ventured into the grids section where I started to type my notes and arrange the content, after all this class only had a small introductory offering on grids. I began to explain the importance of sacred geometry, and how it is everywhere and in everything, and the obvious places we can actually see it, when I realized what I had seen in the field guide.  some of you might go, DUH, but it honestly had never occurred to me until that second.  The sciences are generally not my forte'.  The Atomic structures I was looking at in the field guide and did not really understand are sacred geometry. Even down to the molecules these rocks are made up of sacred geometry. which we are arranging in sacred geometry (grid) in order to speak to the earth (a giant grid) and the cosmos which are also all full of sacred geometry.


I have been teaching and learning about the power of crystal grids for years now, and while fundamentally I understood what I was doing, what everything meant and how it worked I did not really have my soul and brain connected like the connection I just made.  I am a visual learner and all it took was an old field guide form 1973 that had never been opened.  


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