Crystals running miles

Like a catchy song that just won’t leave your head.  It ran through my brain, ran laps, miles even.  I woke from a full nights sleep feeling exhausted and curious.  What is it? I had never heard of it before, so why was it lodged into the recesses of my brain? Lemurian seed quartz, it rang in my head like an old friends name, yet I had no clue why. I poured over all my books only finding info in one. Judy Halls Crystal bible 2.  I skimmed the properties and all the different colors it could be along with their individual properties.  Still not understanding why it was screaming at me from somewhere unknown. 


This is how crystals work.  They speak whether it is by vibration, intuition or just making themselves visible to you when appropriate.  Either way I knew I needed to get my hands on some.  Where does one go to get authentic, not faked crystals?  Well, I have a guy, He is geologically based as opposed to metaphysical, but that’s what I like about him, I also feel that because of this he is not partial, either it is or it isn’t.  There is no feeling involved.  The closest thing that he had was quartz that resembled Lemurian seed but it was not mined in the same location, yet had all other characteristics.  After getting them home I felt they were not quite right, so I began contacting local metaphysical shops, and trusted friends who may have connections. Nothing… Another night of exhausting sleep of this crystal running through my head.


By the third day I began to pull out the big guns.  I contacted my favorite Crystal author. The one who’s book and interview kept me going and made me realize even though I did not communicate with crystals the way the majority of people did, I was still communicating with them.  Philip Permutt, author of The crystal healer, “My Bible”.  He was so responsive and amazing, even though I had contacted him right in the midst of him at the Tuscon gem show.  Three weeks later he was back in the UK and I could finally see what he had.   He had them in stock! Tons of them… Even in different sizes and colors.  I couldn’t believe that I had not thought to contact him sooner. A week after ordering here I am waiting, staring at the shipping email that says allow 28 days for delivery… Well, when you order from the UK these things happen. I guess they will get here when they are meant to.

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